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Here are some examples of our work
"Company X" had already hired a new 401(k) vendor prior to learning about W & A's services.  While they had in-house resources to handle a conversion to a new vendor, they felt they lacked the internal expertise.  X retained Wendy Wallach to review and coordinate the conversion process.  X's primary goals in hiring Wendy, were to insure accuracy of the converted data, ensure the new vendor's systems were set-up to mirror X's provisions, and to minimize any black-out period.  Since Wendy had already coordinated more than 100 conversions, she was able to add value to the process and all 3 of X's goals were achieved.
Company "Y" purchased a small company with two existing defined contribution plans.  Y's goal was to either terminate or merge the plans into Y's current plan.  The problem was that the purchased company's plans were severely out of compliance with the Internal Revenue Code and regulations.  Y retained W & A to work with Y's attorneys to bring the plans into compliance.
Company "Z" has many subsidiaries with separate plans.  Although Z has the expertise at the corporate level to complete the plans annual filing requirements, the corporate office did not have the resources available to complete the subsidiary's form 5500 filings.  W & A was retained to work with Z's external auditors and subsidiaries to complete all of the subsidiaries filings in a uniform fashion.